🧘‍♂️ Recap: Crypto Week of June. 14

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Here is anything you missed from this week, including:

  • Our Crypto Arbitrage and Bot Guide

  • Kusama Parachain Auctions

  • The Future of Gaming

  • All the Technical Analysis you could possibly need

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  • BTC, ETH and a Mystery Coin Analysis. Your BTC and ETH analysis including key levels, psychological support and moving averages.

  • Becoming a Better Student of Life. Ready? We cover one of the most common and dangerous biases that traders and investors will encounter; self serving bias. This refers to our tendency to attribute positive outcomes to our own behaviour but find external factors to blame for our failures.

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  • BTC & The Federal Reserve. It’s possible that some of the BTC downwards price action is attributable to the Federal Reserve meeting late yesterday afternoon. Click for the key takeaways.

  • No Ifs, Ands or Bots. In this article we introduce the concept of arbitrage bots, explain how to create them, evaluate some, and review advantages and disadvantages of integrating bots into your trading.

  • Meet The Titans. Over in the DeFi space, Iron Finance’s $TITAN token fell to near zero in a DeFi panic sell. Click to find out what happened. 

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  • Keep Holding On. Bitcoin stalled for most of yesterday before making another run at $40,000. Whilst some analysts are optimistic about a decisive break above $40,000 others prefer to see stronger signs of upside momentum before calling a bottom in bitcoin. Click to see what our take is. 

  • The Future of Gaming. Blockchain has taken the financial and banking world by storm. There is another exciting venue ready to be shaken by blockchain technology: the world of gaming. Why is blockchain suited for gaming? Click to find out.

  • Connects The DOTS. Polkadot has been showing strength alongside Bitcoin. Check out our key structural and support levels to help improve your trading.

  • Action Bias: When It's Ok To Do Nothing. In response to external stimuli, we often feel the need to act and it's no surprise! We live in a world full of common sayings that tell us action is a good thing; from Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan to proverbs such as “the devil makes work for idle hands”. Click to find out how you can avoid this mistake.

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  • Kusama (KSM) Parachain Auction. There has been lots of hype in the DeFi space on Tuesday around the first Kusama (KSM) Parachain Auction.The auction gives power back to the community. Click to find out how to get involved.

  • HUMAN Protocol. Human Protocol is an organisation that are the world’s largest provider of human-generated labels to help AI companies build, train and test machine learning models. And today they launched the “Proof-of-HUMANity,” a tool that helps “maintain the integrity of on-chain governance.” Click to find out how this could affect you.

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